«The charm of Tbilisi»

(6 days / 5 nights)

 Itinerary :

 The first day .

Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. Free day

 The second day :


  • Breakfastat the hotel. Tour in a historical part of Tbilisi:
  • Visiting Abanotubani which is an important historic part of the city — the place, where according to a legend, the falconof Vakhtang Gorgasali, King of Iberia (Old Georgian Kingdom) fell into a hot sulphur spring and  subsequently, foundation  of a new capital.
  • Visiting Metekhi Church (XII century) –cross cupola church, part of the Royal residential complex. Queen Shushaniki (Vc. ) martyred by her Husband for her devotion to Christianityis buried here.
  • Cable car ride to Mtatsminda Mountain and overlooking the city of Tbilisi.
  • Visiting Monument “Mother of Georgia”.
  • Visiting Narikala castle– The castle exists here since the middle of the 4th It was occupied by Iranian, North Caucasian and Byzantine, Arab conquerors in various periods of time. Royal palace was also resided here. in 13th century Church of St. Nickoloz was built within the castle but it was ruined during centuries and It was rebuilt in the latter half of 20th century.
  • Visiting Sioni cathedral– Sioni was initially built in 6 th-7th Since then, it has been destroyed by foreign invaders and reconstructed by Georgians several times. The current church is based on a 13th century version with some changes from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
  • Visiting Anchiskhati church, built in 5th-6thcenturies, is situated in Old Tbilisi. It is triple-nave basilica.
  • Walking through the glass bridge called “The bridge of peace”.
  • Walking through to the “Park of Europe” with dancing fountains.
  • Visiting Sameba cathedral- Holy Trinity Cathedral, called as “Millennium Building”. Sameba is the greatest Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia and Caucasus. It represents the synthesis of cross–domed and central-domed churches. It is 100 meters in heigt.
  • Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia
  • In the evening dinner at the restaurant with Georgian folk program is optional (35 Usd – per person).

 The third day.

Breakfast. Excursion in Mtskheta  and Gori (Stalin museum )

  • Visiting Jvari monastery (Church of the Holy Cross VI century). The monastery stands on a high mountain, a panoramic view on the merging of the two majestic rivers – Aragvi and Kura.
  • Visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Living Pillar XI century)
  • Visit Samtavro Monastery 11th century monastery complex. The first Christian king Miriani and his wife Nana are buried  in the church.Samtavro is also the burial place of contemporary Saint – Monk Gabriel who died in 1995 . With many miracles ascribed to him, Gabriel’s grave at Mtskheta has attracted an increasing number of pilgrims.
  • Lunch
  • Trip to Gori and visiting house museum of Josep Stalin,  the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953.
  • Visiting Museum of ethnography in Gori.
  • Visiting Uplistsikhe Cave Town-Fortress,  situated on a rocky massif in 15 km eastwards to town Gori. The fortress is mentioned in chronicles from earliest times. Its history begins in the I-II millennium B.C. Uplistsikhe was an important religious, political and cultural centre in the Hellenistic and the late Antique periods (IV c. B.C. – IV c. A.D.).
  • Returning back to Tbilisi.

 The four day .

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to Kakheti. Visiting Bodbe monastery, which is the burial place of Saint Nino, enlighter of Georgia.

Walking through the streetas of fortified town Signangi

Departure to wine cellar “Khareba”, in kvareli. Here you can taste Georgian wines and have lunch with Georgian traditional  cuisine. (about $ 30 per person) .

Seeing nekresi momastery –one of the most interesting ensambles of churches and other constructions in Georgia. It contains churches of IV –V and VIII-IX centuries. Nekresi overlooks Alazani valley, an old settlement and remains of a Zoroasteian temple.

Next, seeing Gremi monastery -a 16th-century architectural monument – the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels. The complex is what has survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi.

Overnight and dinner at a hotel in Kvareli municipality

the fifth day:

 . breakfast at the hotel.

  • Visiting Tsinandali house museum of eminent georgian Poet, , diplomat, a landlord and  public figure Aleksandre Chavchavadze (1786-1846) where one can see objects representing both the poet’s life and creative work, epistolary and iconography archive, XIX c. Etc. You can visit one of the first wine cellars in Georgia where   are kept unique collection of wine from many countries (16 500 bottles).
  • Journey to Alaverdi monastery where you can see amazing construction of Medival Georgian architecture from 10th  The complex consists of a cathedral, wine cellar dwellings for monks, defensive wall and a bell-tower constructed on the gate of the defenseve wall. History of Alaverdi starts from VI  century, when ioseb Alaverdeli, one of the 13 assyrian fathers, built a church here.
  • Visting Ikalto monastery, founded late in the 6th century by Saint Zenon, one of the 13 syrian fathers. The complex comprises three churches, a defenseve wall, bell tower, remains of Ikalto Academy from 12th century and  remains of medival wine cellar.  The monastery was famous as one of the most signigficant cultural-scholastic centers of Georgia as well as of the whole Caucasus. A high school, the academy, was founded there; an outstanding Georgian philosopher, Arsen Ikaltoeli used to live and work in it.
  • Visiting New shuamta monastery, built in 16th century and Old Shuamta monastery – founded in 6th century. Old shuamta architectural ensemble includes three churches. The three nave basilica dating back to V century and two domed churches from 7th century.
  • Departure to Tbilisi, accomodation at the hotel and dinner

 The sixth day:

Transfer to the airport

 Comission to the agency 10%


The package price per person in USD


Ambassadori 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

1070 2010
Tiflis Palace 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

1070 2050
Sharden Villa 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

940 1770
Sharden 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

1740 1670
Avlabar district  DBL SGL
Old Tbilisi 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

950 1790
KMM 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

870 1670
 Marjanishvili district DBL SGL
At Metro 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

830 1590
Margo Palace 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

890 1670
Rustaveli district DBL SGL
Vere Palace 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

910 1710
Betsy’s 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

970 1830
River Side 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

950 1790
Room Hotel 4*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

1040 2000
City 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

930 1750
Urban 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

850 1650
Kolkhi 3*

Shaghoshvilis Cellar

 790 1530


 Package includes:
hotel accomodation
meal (BB)
museum entrance fees
English-speaking guide
air-conditioned bus
medical insurance
airport –hotel-airport transfer
comission to the agency 10 %

Package excludes:


excursions for the request (for the group min. 6 per. :
1. Night panoramic excursion – city Lights – 50 USD
2. Sulfur baths – 50 USD

01 – 05 free
06 –  12 – % 60 of the value of tour (accom. With 2 Adults in room)

(This  prices are not valid for the period of celebrating the New Year, Christmas, Easter, international forums, as well as periods of international congresses and exhibitions. Prices for the above periods please specify with the manager).

if you canceled tour 6 days prior to departure: 100% of total tour cost.

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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION San Francisco International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Airfare Accommodations
2 days cruise Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity

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Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Day 3

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Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6

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Day 7: Return

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