Medical tours in Borjomi


Medical tour in Borjomi


Borjomi is a balneological and climatic resort in Georgia. Located in the south-eastern part of the country at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The resort is surrounded by mountains, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. Borjomi resort has become world famous due to the healing properties of mineral springs. They are over a thousand years old. This is evidenced by 7 stone baths found at the beginning of the 20th century, dating from the beginning of the first millennium AD. Mineral springs received a second life in 1829 thanks to the soldiers of the Kherson Grenadier Regiment, who found a spring in the forest on the right bank of the Borjomi River. Already in 1850 the first Mineral Water Park was established, and in 1854 the construction of the first bottling plant was started. To date, in the resort of Borjomi built motels, hotels, squares and parks.

Indications for treatment with Borjomi mineral water:

Gynecological diseases: parametritis, metritis, periods of resorption of secretions in inflammatory processes.
Digestive system diseases: in the chronic stage, dyspepsia and gastralogy, constipation, liver disease, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, increased acidity of the stomach, gas accumulation in the intestines, initial period of cirrhosis, paroxysmal pain in the liver.
Respiratory tract diseases: bronchitis, dry and wet pleurisy during the resorption period, laryngitis, prolonged pneumonia. In addition to drinking mineral water, Borjomi is shown to be inhaled with steam and a spray.
Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract: cystitis, chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, pyelitis, in the presence of salts and stones.
Diseases of the nervous system: nervous breakdowns, nervousness, epilepsy, hysteria, neuralgia.
Metabolic disorders: obesity, anorexia, gout, arthritis and diabetes mellitus diabetes of the 1st and 2nd category.

Contraindications in the treatment of Borjomi mineral baths:

lung diseases, including with temperature
organic lesions of the liver and stomach
heart disease with heart attacks
bouts of pain and migraine
diabetes mellitus of the 3rd and 4th category
gout and arthritis
lung diseases

Tour program:

Day 1.

Meeting at the Tbilisi airport. Transfer and hotel accommodation.
Free day.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel.
Excursion program in the city of Tbilisi:

Visiting the area of ​​sulfur baths – Abanotubani. This area is the cradle of the capital of Tbilisi.
A visit to the church of Metekhi (Assumption Church of the XII century). The first Georgian martyr, Queen Ranskaya Shushanika, is buried in the Metekhi church.
Visiting Narikala fortress (IV century fortress complex).
Visiting the statue of Mother Georgia.
Visit to the Sioni Cathedral. (Assumption of Our Lady of the VI century).
Visiting the Anchiskhati Basilica (Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary of the VI century). It is the oldest surviving churches in Tbilisi.
Hanging of the Holy Trinity Cathedral is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Today it is the largest Orthodox cathedral in the whole Caucasus.
Excursion to Mount Mtatsminda. Translated “Holy Mountain”: a visit to the grave of A.S. Griboedova. From the observation deck of Mount Mtatsminda, a beautiful view of Tbilisi opens.
Walk along the beautifully lit streets of the old city, where there are many trendy cafes and bars.
Free time.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3
Breakfast in the hotel.
Release rooms.
Excursion program in Mtskheta (UNESCO) – Gori (Museum of Stalin):

Visit to the monastery of Jvari (temple of the Holy Cross of the VI century). The monastery stands on a high mountain, from where a beautiful panorama opens towards the confluence of two majestic rivers – Aragva and Kura and the ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta.
Visit to the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli (Life-giving pillar of the XI century).
Visit Samtavro Monastery (the oldest convents in Georgia of the 11th century).
Visit to the Stalin House-Museum. In 1879, Joseph Stalin was born in the city of Gori.
Arrival in Borjomi.
Accommodation in a sanatorium.
Free time.
Overnight at Borjomi Health Center.

4-14 day.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner in the health resort of Borjomi.
Therapeutic procedures in the health resort of Borjomi.
Free time.
Day 15

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.


The cost of the tour is given in US dollars for 1 person in a room.

Kopala 3*
+Borjomi Palace 4*
2460 1610 1610
Sharden Villa 3* 
Borjomi Palace 4*
2515 1650 1650
Vere Palace 4* 
+Borjomi Palace 4*
2550 1690 1690
Ambassadori 4* 
Borjomi Palace 4*
2705 1850 1850


The price is valid from 1 person.

Included in the price:

Breakfast at the Tbilisi Hotel;
Breakfasts, lunches, dinners in the health resort of Borjomi;
Transfer airport-hotel-to the health resort Borjomi-airport;
Excursions according to the tour program;
Entrance fees to all museums and attractions specified in the program;
Healing procedures.
Medical insurance;
Treatment procedures include:

Therapist consultation;
Laboratory tests: general blood test, general urinalysis, blood test for sugar;
Bathtubs – automatic underwater massage with mineral water (2 treatments), sulfur and mineral baths with underwater massage (2 treatments), pearl bath with underwater massage of mineral water (1 treatment), sulfur baths (1 treatment), mud baths (1 treatment);
Back massage (5 procedures);
Cedar sauna (2 treatments);
Gastric lavage (2 procedures);
Siphon irrigation of the intestine with mineral water (2 procedures);
Duodenal lavage (1 procedure);
Laser therapy (5 procedures);
Physiotherapy (5 procedures);
Dububes (3 procedures);
Swimming pool with therapeutic exercises (5 procedures);
Vacuum therapy (electromassage) (5 procedures).
Additionally paid:

Air flight

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