Tour around Tbilisi


Tour around Tbilisi

We offer a fascinating tour to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, with a low price. We will let you  feel all the charms of Tbilisi and will show you the capital of Tbilisi from a new perspective. An amazing tours are waiting for you

We will hather for a tour at the Avlabari metro, near the Tourist Hotel
The minimum number of people in a group is 2 people.

Tour program:

 Holy Trinity Cathedral is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which  is the largest Orthodox cathedral in the whole Caucasus;





Metekhi Church (Assumption Church of the XII century), where the first Georgian martyr is buried – Queen Ranskaya Shushanika. Spreading over Kura itself, the temple silently looks over the city itself. The district was one of the earliest inhabited areas on the city’s territory. According to traditional accounts, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali erected here a church and a fort which served also as a king’s residence; hence comes the name Metekhi which dates back to the 12th century and literally means “the area around the palace”. Tradition holds that it was also a site where the 5th-century martyr lady Saint Shushanik was buried. However, none of these structures have survived the Mongol invasion of 1235.
We will go by a cable car with a panorama of the city of Tbilisi;


We will visit  the statue of Mother of Georgia, which symbolizes the Georgian national character: a female figure holds a bowl of wine in her left hand to greet those who came as a friend, and a sword in her right hand for those who came as an enemy;
Narikala fortress (Fortress complex of the IV century);




Sulfur baths area – Abanotubani, which is the cradle of the capital of Tbilisi;
We will also visit the wine tasting room.




Sioni Cathedral (Assumption of Our Lady of the VI century);
Anchiskhati Basilica (Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary of the VI century), which is the oldest surviving churches in Tbilisi;




Walking tour to the ”Peace Bridge”

Rike park with dancing fountains, “Peace Bridge”and serenity in the center of bustling Tbilisi;

Excursion to Mount Mtatsminda. Known as a “Holy Mountain”: visiting tour to the grave of A.S. Griboedova. If you look over the city you will see an amazing view of Tbilisi.

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